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Parking and Directions


The salon (Studio Fontana) is located at 400 Wellington st west. It's on the west side of the Condo building, down the Laneway, where the retail space is located.

If you get Lost on your way to the appointment please call the Salon, our receptionist will be happy to help you find your way.

Parking Options:

Below is a Google map of all the parking lots within a ten minute walk, some are underground, and some are street level.

Additionally, there is street parking on Wellington st., although due to the amount of construction it can be hard to come by. Most street parking and some lots use the "Green P" app (search GreenP on your App Store). I highly sugest downloading it, it's a simple click to add more time if your appointment is going longer than expected.

The max time on the app is 3hrs, but you can add more time after the 3hrs has finished.

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