Hey Beautiful, I'm excited to see you soon!

But first my Top 5 reminders for your appointment...



1. First and Most Important.....Please give 48hrs notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment. 

Cancelation fees will be waived only if you are experiencing symptoms and want to rebook for at least 14 days later.   

2. When you arrive you will be required to fill out the online health questionnaire (Covid Self Assesment)  before entering. I do have the linked above if you wish to do this before to save time waiting outside. The Heath board requires me to see that you have screened before entering. There will also be a QR code on the front door of the salon that will also link you to the online questionnaire. Once complete the health screening please TXT me @647-386-8866. I will be wearing my apple watch so I will be able to receive all messages. Unfortunately, we are temporarily not able to have a waiting area. I will have my assistant greet you and get you seated in one of my chairs.


3. Once inside you must use hand sanitizer, or wash your hands. I have purchased Canadian made, health Canada approved sanitizer I will provide for all my guests. (apexlab.ca, I highly recommend it’s very nice stuff) If you have any questions about my additonal Covid-19 Cleaning polices please click the link below.



4. Please wear a mask (perferably a disposable one, but its completly your choice) if you do not have one, or don’t want to risk yours being covered in hair colour, (I'm sorry I can’t avoid it) I can add one to our service for a minimal charge of $1.25.

5. Finally please come alone, we have limits on the amount of people we can have in the space at any given time. Currently we are limiting it to 20 people total, ensuring we can safely distant ourself and clients. When this changes I will let you know.

Take a look at the chart below, and if any apply to you let me know to rebook you for a later date.