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Hello Beautiful, We are so excited to see you soon!

But first our Top 4 reminders for your appointment...



1. First and most important.....Please give 48 hrs notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment. 

Cancelation fees (50% of the service booked) will be waived only if you are experiencing symptoms and want to rebook for at least 14 days later.   

2. Before the appointment please do a self assessment. Feel free to make use if the online government questionnaire, the link is listed above. We do not need to see it but will be asking if you have done it. If you are sick, stay home, and we can rebook you.


3. Once inside you must use hand sanitizer, or wash your hands. Our team has purchased Canadian made, Health Canada approved sanitizer (75%) which we provide for all of our guests. ( If you have any questions about our additonal Covid-19 cleaning polices please click the link above.



4. Masking is now optional. (March 21 2022) If you wish to wear one and do not have one, or don’t want to risk yours being covered in hair colour, (we can’t avoid it) we have disposable masks at the front desk. Additionally if you wish to have your stylist to wear a mask for your service, please ask. We want to ensure you are comfortable during the service, so Krysten, Steuart and Elyse have no problem putting one on for you.

Take a look at the chart below, and if any apply to you let us know to rebook you for a later date. 

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